Online Video Editor in 2021: Ready to get your first online video hit?

Online video editor is the mainstream tool in the current short video era. So how to choose the right tool? It needs to provide simple and fast automatic subtitle services and good video editing functions. Then let us know about it.

Online video editor that supports subtitles and translations function have proven successful in helping users deliver their content messages globally regardless of language and nationalities.

online video editor, Online Video Editor in 2021: Ready to get your first online video hit?

Table of contents :

  • Online video editor, here for the 4.0 globalization?
  • A real case of a non-English speaker celebrity breaking language boundaries.
  • Adding subtitles and translations has proven successful in delivering your messages.
  • Easy video editing tutorial for beginners.
  • Conclusion

In the present day, getting your ideas and show your talent to the international stage seem not to be serious problems. Because, hello – we have the internet and all those social media platforms. They contribute to the worldwide sharable and accessibility of your content. Yet, there’s still a challenge for content creators. That only problem is language. How can you thoughtfully deliver your messages to other people from different parts of the world when you don’t speak their language in the first place? We understand that deep-rooted language problem that gets in your way every time you publish your work. Already felt like your effort and creativity were threw off just because you come from countries not speaking English? We’re here to provide you an all-in-one video editing software solution. All you have to do is chilled out, keep inspired, while we solve all the tedious work.

Online video editor, here for the 4.0 globalization?

online video editor, Online Video Editor in 2021: Ready to get your first online video hit?

With the rise of globalization, there are undoubtedly increasing demands for cross-border communications. Thanks to the advancement of technologies that help bridge the gap of geography and languages. More ideas and information are currently shared around the world. As a result of this phenomenon, people nowadays craving for more diverse and unique content. It varying from cooking, music, fashion to education and commentary types of videos. Whether it is about aspirational in-house production content or huge production content from larger media firms, all of those are in search and binged-watched every day by people.

Let’s take @soytiet as an example. Y Tiet, who is a successful video creator, based in Binh Dinh Province, a rural area of Vietnam, has reached out to the world audience and captured the heart of people outside of the country by his own unique content. His content are enjoyed and shared by Hollywood stars, American famous rappers, and other musicians such as Snoop Dog, Cardi B, etc.

online video editor, Online Video Editor in 2021: Ready to get your first online video hit?

However, talent and endless creativity alone are not enough in this current time. Because people need to understand the context of your performances to feel engaged, and then spread everywhere.

A real case of non-english speaker celebrity breaking language boundaries

online video editor, Online Video Editor in 2021: Ready to get your first online video hit?

Korean boy band BTS is gaining major success all over the world by continuously hitting No.1 in US Billboard HOT 100, and sold out biggest stadiums concert tickets. The most surprising part is, they did that with 6 members’ ability in English being zero. There is only one member speaking English, though he was also born and raised in Korea for most of his life. All of their songs were written and sung in Korean. So how did BTS successfully transcend the language boundaries to reach more audiences from different continents? The answers lies in their message.

Adding subtitles and translations to has proven successful in delivering your messages

A seven-member Korean boy band obviously has talent. It shows through their self-composed, self-written music. However, it would be unfair not to mention the shares of their fandom in the discovery and appreciation that BTS has been gaining worldwide. BTS’ fandom is undoubtedly known for its dedication. They helped translate, explain, spreading every BTS-related content since day one.

Back in the day, when Army still came small in size, they spent their free time adding a subtitle to any official published activities videos on BTS’ Youtube channel. Besides that, they also add subtitles to BTS’ songs and explain their meaning to people from different nationalities. Thanks to Army being a very culturally diverse fandom, each person from each country united to help translate BTS’s songs into many languages, at the same time, spreading the message, contents, and impacts all around the world.

online video editor, Online Video Editor in 2021: Ready to get your first online video hit?

BTS undoubtedly has Army as their translator medium, so how about you? To grow your audience and deliver your ideas globally, you will need an all-in-one video editing software that turns your dream into reality in just a few minutes. No matter which hobbies or passions you have, and want to share, we’ll guide you through the simple steps. These steps include how to easily do simple video editing, automatically add subtitles to your video, then translate it to other foreign languages from A- Z. If you’re ready to make hits for FREE, keep on reading!

Easy video editor for beginners

VideoMaster is a free online and easy and ready-to-use video editing software. It instantly allows you to automatically generate a perfect subtitle file for any of your videos. Thinking of adding subtitles for your favourite lyrics over music videos? Or creating subtitles for your home-cooked French Cheesy Croissant Casserole recipe s using VideoMaster? All you have to do is enter its website and start editing your videos with just a few clicks. 

1. Go to VideoMaster’s official website

2. After entering the homepage, click on the “Get Started Free Now” button to enter the bench and start setup, where you can then upload a video. You can select your preferred language as well as voice recognition for our system to detect voice patterns that best suit the kind of video you will be uploading – whether it’s an instructional video, an interactive tutorial, or maybe even your personal story.

3. The result? Sometimes while watching a conversation, there are unimportant words that get in the way. With video transcriptions, you can eliminate those moments – and then edit whatever you want. You can even add subtitles (like colors or themes to match your business style) if you want to make each video stand out more to gain attention!

4. Don’t you want to make the video more personalized? For more advanced features, just click “Setting” in the video menu. You then can edit the font style, color, background style and add subtitles style to your liking. 

5. Once you have finished editing, click “Export” to export your video in multiple different formats. There’s just one thing you need to do before you start using your clips on social media : check the size of the video. You can choose to enable automatic resizing and cropping to beautify your video. Your last step is uploading your video right away to Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, plus sharing it on the social network to get your first hit!


The automatic or manual addition of subtitles and translations in video allows for a better understanding of social media marketing, especially in relevant markets. Online video editor for social media, as it turns out, is widely praised by marketers and businesses alike because of its broad range of services. It essentially prevents the need for hours upon hours of manual work and assists in stress-free video creation. VideoMaster with our whole online video editor tool sure will help you create a powerful video.

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