Are you dreaming of taking your language learning to the next level in 2021? Have you ever wished that there would be a tool that automatically generates subtitles for any youtube video out there that contains subtitles but can't be understood very well or at all? The auto subtitles generator function of VideoMaster certainly is your new bet for language learning.

How using auto subtitles generator could innovate the way you learn a new foreign language by yourself. It also could save up money for you while you’re trying bunch of costly methods that just didn’t work.

auto subtitles generator for language learners learning different foreign languages

Learning from daily conversations of native speakers through subtitles, audio

Learning a foreign language requires effort and practice to master the language. There are a variety of methods to learn a new language that experts have shared for years. Yet, which method is suitable for a language learner is subjective to each person’s need. You always have to continue exploring different methods and experience trials and errors to figure out what works best for you. During that process, many people gave up learning new languages. Or they’re on their way to learn but found out that the method they’ve been practicing didn’t lead them down the path they want: using that language like natives speaking that language in everyday life.

So how would we change that scenario when you loose all of your initial passion for your target foreign-language learning? You better off invest in something that is a highly-recommended method for language learners to learn language effectively : learning directly from daily conversations of native speakers through subtitles, audios and transcripts.

How is auto subtitles software the answer to your language learning?

Well, this method has been around for a very long time and has proven to work best for language learners. Some people may say it’s an outdated method since they’ve seen it didn’t work at some points. However, this method is certified as old but gold. There are a lot of people who learn a foreign language successfully using this method. The core idea is still there, but the progress to arrive at your expected results could change and improve. With the accompany of a specialized auto subtitles generator, you won’t be far from your mastering a foreign language dream!

The auto subtitles generator function of AutoSub certainly is your new bet for language learning. And the best of all is, you can take control of whatever way you want to use it. Whether you prefer to learn completely from foreign-language subtitles while listening to the audio of a Youtube video, or you love the dual subtitles option for easier understanding, you can always count on AutoSub’s all-in-one software. Basically, you can simply enjoy binge-watching Youtube videos of your faves, exploring interesting stories they share during their journey, and learn the language you love on the go!

Get your first step on upgrading your language learning method 

Still wondering how to hop on your new, exciting language journey with the smart auto subtitles generator? We’ve done many automatic subtitles generator tutorials on our blog, but never done a tutorial specifically for language learners. Simply follow our tutorial to explore practical, innovative ways that can support you in your learning process based on accurate transcribed subtitles and audio.

In this tutorial, we took a full Spanish-speaking Youtube video as an example. Then, we would translate it into English.

How to use AutoSub’s auto subtitles generating and translation features?

1. Paste Youtube video’s URL or Upload it from your device

The first step to using AutoSub is to log into the platform. You can then upload your video or simply paste the video’s URL link to and choose the content and the original language that it’s in. If you want to translate subtitles, select this option as well. When you enter the platform for the first time, you have 15 minutes of free time and you can buy additional time at a low price or pay as you go. The system will perform voice recognition then generate auto-subtitles in a few minutes. In this tutorial, we chose “Automatic” and “Spanish” and “English” as our options for this subtitles generating request. Then, we’re done with the setting. Take about 1 minute, simple as that!

2. Get the result from VideoMaster

Now you can immediately see the result generated from our software and ready to learn your foreign-language! There are the transcribed text of the Youtube video and the translations lines by lines on the left, direct dual subtitles on the right. At the bottom, you can easily adjust to move forward or move back to whenever you want to note new vocabularies that popped up in the dialogues. 

auto subtitles generator, Auto Subtitles Generator : New everyday language learning method.

3. Save, Export, Get Subtitles

Let’s jump on the last step. Your video already had subtitles generated and style customized to your likes, now you can easily click “Save”, “Export” or “Get Subtitles” to keep it for your future language material usage. 

Auto subtitles generator is your must-try language learning tool!

In conclusion, AutoSub all-rounder software in auto subtitles generating, translation up to 150+ languages can enhance your options in choosing suitable language learning methods. Particularly for those looking for a convenient and practical way of learning another language from popular video sharing sites, such as Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok. AutoSub is proud to provide you with various subscription packages personalized for your language learning need economically. Say goodbye to costly but ineffective methods when you’re tight on budget but still want to language for educational development. Try VideoMaster NOW to go ahead in your language learning journey! 

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