How to add subtitles to your Google Drive videos?

Whether you want to share videos with colleagues, clients or students, Google Drive is the best tool for hosting videos in the cloud. The platform is based on YouTube’s video player and also provides built-in subtitles for your content. This is especially convenient when you need to make your message more memorable, or when your audience is deaf or hard of hearing. How to add subtitles to your Google Drive videos? Here’s how to effectively add subtitles to your video on Google Drive, especially at high volume.

Why add subtitles to your Google Drive videos?

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud hosting platforms, with Microsoft OneDrive, Icloud or Dropbox. Businesses especially like the ease of use and low cost of Google’s solutions.

The platform is also a good tool for quickly hosting and sharing videos for presentation, communication or recruitment. With expertise in YouTube, Google also considered the accessibility of its video player, providing screen readers and keyboard shortcuts for people with visual or hearing impairments.

But they also have built-in subtitles. Here is what subtitles can do for you:

  • It can increase the impact of the course or video communication.
  • You may open your video to audiences of different languages and nationalities.
  • You can let people with hearing or comprehension problems access your videos.
  • Do you think this is interesting? Here are the different ways to make subtitles.

Google Drive closed captioning: different solutions

There is actually only one way to add subtitles to your videos on Google Drive. To accomplish this, you can upload a subtitle file (VTT or SRT) to the platform.

To create these files, you have three possibilities:

Either transcribe the video yourself, and then manually create the file based on a specific encoding. This is obviously a method that requires time and specific skills. We only recommend it for very short videos.

You can use an automatic subtitle solution, which will complete the transcription and synchronization work. Even if the results often need to be optimized, you can save a lot of time in the task. If you have a medium volume video project and you still have some time, we recommend that you use it.

You can choose a professional subtitle service. This is the safest solution to ensure you get high-quality results.
For the last two options, we show our solution here, which combines speech recognition and expertise to process your subtitles.

How to use auto subtitle generator on Google Drive?

With the popularization of speech recognition technology, many automatic captioning solutions have appeared on the market. Based on deep learning, they can transcribe and even translate your videos quickly and accurately.

We are here to show you a way to add subtitles to your videos using our EasySub solution. This tool allows you to:

  • Automatically and accurately transcribe your video (Advanced Speech Recognition API)
  • Work with professional subtitle producers and translators to manage your video projects.
  • Translate your video into more than 150 languages (deep learning based translation)
  • Easily change and customize the appearance of subtitles

1. Add your video on the interface

First, register on the EasySub platform. Choose your content and indicate its original language. If necessary, you can also choose multiple languages for translation.

add subtitles to your Google Drive videos, How to add subtitles to your Google Drive videos?

You have 15 minutes to test the platform. If this time is not enough for your first video, you can buy points at a low price.

The API will then perform speech recognition and provide you with the results within a few minutes.

2. Check and adjust the results

add subtitles to your Google Drive videos, How to add subtitles to your Google Drive videos?

When the result is ready, click Edit to enter the language selection of the video. And visit the dedicated subtitle editor to check synchronization.

3. Export SRT and VTT files to Google Drive

When you are satisfied with the transcript, you can download the subtitle file at your convenience. To do this, click the “Export” button and choose the format that suits you. All you have to do now is to upload the file using the above method!

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